Letter from the President


What an honor it is to be able to Give Back! I have been where many of you are and I count it all joy to be able to now make this statement. I have endured struggles as the single mother of a special needs daughter and as a veteran. Because of our life struggles we never imagined that we would one day be helping others.

Welcome to each and every one of you. During a time when you may be struggling to survive, I hope that you find this site to be of use to you and other families around the world. I believe that you will find peace, joy and hope here. We will do our absolute best to assist as many individuals and families as we possibly can. We understand that we can’t get to everyone all at once, but we will do our best to help you.

I raised my daughter Jasmine alone and I had hard times as well. I didn’t know all that it would take to make it, learning more and more every day about handling her disability. And as a veteran myself, I sincerely want to give back to and serve our disabled veterans who served this country. Veterans are true examples of giving your all and laying it on the line. And for those who weren't able to come home whole, we here at Special Champions want to say thank you for your sacrifice. We look forward to giving back to all of you who have been giving your all whether it's for this country or for your family!

Thank you for taking time to explore our site. Spread the word and please let us know how we can help!!!

Peace and Blessings Always,



Building a Better Tomorrow

A non-profit 501(c) 3. Special Champions Organization was started as a way to give back to those in need.

There are multiple challenges that arise when you have a child with a disability. One of those challenges is financial, having a way to make ends meet while also being able to get what your child needs. If there are siblings in the home it creates more of a challenge because they have needs as well. Another problem is equipment and making things in your home more suitable for your child.

There are also many challenges that face veterans after they return home, especially if they return disabled. We want to help alleviate some of those problems by offering more affordable and suitable housing to meet their needs as well. By doing so we hope that we can lift a burden off their shoulders.

We don't want to see anyone struggle at Special Champions Organization our goal is to raise funds that will assist as many families and individuals to obtain the American Dream of homeownership by developing new housing, affordable and green built. We also can rehabilitate your existing home. We know the challenges and we want to help as many as we can.

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