Our Inspiring Mission

Our mission is simple: To help those in need.
We strive to assist those we work with in more ways than one. We believe everyone has a right to live a decent and caring life. We believe in home ownership and by building green, energy efficient, affordable housing is just one way of serving our communities. We are also able to provide utility assistance as a way of helping those in need. Often times all a person needs, is a little help and guidance and at Special Champions we provide. We are ready to do as much as we can. Special Champions is looking forward to making a major impact on the world with our initiatives. We invite you to come join us in this beautiful cause.

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Make a Difference

We rely on support from people like you to create sustainable change in the Houston area and beyond. By having a steady flow of donations from our generous donors, we are able to focus on what matters the most: helping our community. Your gifts have the ability of helping thousands of people at once, so please consider helping us make a difference in the world today and everyday.